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PETALING JAYA: Cypark Resources Bhd through its partly owned indirectly subsidiary, Cypark Estuary Solar Sdn Bhd and Cove Suria Sdn Bhd together with its co-partner, Kelantan Utilities Mubaarakan Holdings Sdn Bhd has launched the country’s largest floating power solar plant (FSP) in Danau Tok Uban, Kelantan.

Cypark and Cove Suria will install 30MW each, which brings a total of 60MWac large-scale floating Solar PV in Danau Tok Uban, Kelantan.

Upon completion, the FSP will be the largest floating solar plant in Southeast Asia and the second largest in Asia after China.

Cypark said the FSP consists of 247,830 solar panels, which together will generate about 140,000 MWh of power per annum. It can power up to 46,480 households and save about 96,600 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Cypark executive chairman Tan Sri Razali I *** ail sees FSP as a great opportunity to generate power with low cost.

“As a leading renewable energy provider in Malaysia, we hope that this project will set the precedent to have more FSP developed in Kelantan in the future especially with the Malaysian government’s strongly declared commitment to ensure that green technology and renewable energy are part of the future economic blueprint of Malaysia,” he said.

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